All About Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Christine and I started this website to give me a place to share my thoughts on different parts of the entertainment world (mainly books and movies and the occasional TV show). The types of books and movies I like to read and watch are mostly for a younger audience (maybe preteens/early teens—mostly middle grade stuff) so I will mostly review middle grade books and movies, while occasionally going into the young adult territory.

The general format for my reviews will be that I give a little information on the book (such as author and a short summary) then my pre thoughts (thoughts I have on the book before I've read it) and post thoughts (thoughts I have on the book after I've read it). Sometimes my review format for a few items will be different, but as the website grows the reviews will follow the format listed above much more.
If there is anything specific that you would like me to post my thoughts on, just leave a comment or email me and I will try my best to write a review on it. I'm always looking for new material! My email is

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy what I write!

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