Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Review! The Wurst is Yet to Come (Bed and Breakfast Mysteries #27)

Author: Mary Daheim

304 Pages

Published by: HarperLuxe on July 3, 2012

Summary (from

The charming Hillside Manor is the perfect B&B for a few days of R&R. Okay, so it also features the occasional corpse or two. But is a small body count really any reason for the state to yank Judith McMonigle Flynn's innkeeper's license? Exhausted from answering the nosy critics from the state B&B association, Judith needs a change of scenery. Volunteering to help out at the State B&B booth during Oktoberfest is just the opportunity she's looking for. But before the beer begins flowing, Judith finds a dead body.

Unfortunately, Judith's reputation has preceded her, and the local police chief wants her help. So Judith hits on a brilliant idea: Her cousin Renie will pose as the sleuth. Now, what could possibly go wrong?


If I had to pick a favorite genre it would probably be mystery. Mysteries are exciting and usually they are pretty well-paced, easy to follow, and they (almost) always come to a conclusion (I don’t like open ended stories).

When I read books intended for adults 9/10 times it’s a mystery. I’ve become a casual fan of the sector of books called “cozy mysteries” (my favorite, of course, being written by the famous Agatha Christie). Cozy mysteries are still mysteries, but they aren’t super suspenseful or brutal. I’m not a big fan of thrillers, and I’m not a fan of convoluted plots filled with so many twists that you can’t keep things straight. I like plot twists (ex: The Murder of Roger Ackyrod), but once they start getting so complex that I don’t know what’s happening I find them to be dull and stupid.

For example: my ex-brother’s son dog’s trainer’s best friend was actually my long lost once removed sister who at the time was pretending to be my best friend’s mother who abandoned her and married John Doe who was my tax accountant.

Anyway, I bought this book at my local libraries book sale a year of two ago and I figured it’s finally time I start reading it.


I really don't want to write anything about this book, mostly because I didn't like it. But it's on my Summer 2018 reading list (even though that's waaay over), so here goes.

This is the 27th book in a series, so I’m not surprised that I’m a little lost at the beginning. The author is dropping many names of characters that I’m sure are in previous books, but I’ve never heard of, so when they are referenced it’s harder for me to keep track of them. There are also situations in the past books that are talked about, but I have no idea what they are. For example: at the beginning Judith and Joe are talking about their past (I think Joe knocked up Judith, but didn’t want to take responsibility so she married someone else then after many years he wanted her back and once they both became free they got together…or something to that effect).

[caption id="attachment_2088" align="alignright" width="300"] The author, Mary Daheim[/caption]

This book barely felt like a mystery, there were way too many characters to keep up with, the plot moved at a snails pace, there weren't any real clues, and it was all so confusing. Even at the end when the murderer is revealed and Judith and Renie are discussing motives I still wasn't sure what was happening! I never got a clear picture of why the murderer decided to murder these people (I'm trying to avoid spoilers). Not only that, the sleuths stumble along until by total chance two tourists walk into their shop and happened to have witnessed the murder that happened over two months ago! And this two month old murder happens to be connected to the murder that just happened. What the heck? Not only that, the person who ends up being the murderer isn't even mentioned before the reveal. I couldn't even make any fun guesses as to whodunit!

I struggled with finishing this book. Eventually I just had to sit down one Saturday and power through it. It was way too long and, at times, excruciatingly boring. I honestly can't say I was excited to read any of this book. I likely won't be picking up any other books from this series. Nonetheless, it's off my to-read shelf so I'm happy.

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