Saturday, February 3, 2018

Yu Yu Hakusho 2018 Special


The other night I had a hankering to watch the fight between Kurama and Roto (don't know why--I just did) from the TV series Yu Yu Hakusho. So I turned it on, expecting to just watch that one episode, but as you might expect, one episode turned into two and before I knew it I had watched through the Dark Tournament. Even after it was over I just kept going right through the Chapter Black saga (naturally, this took a few days).

I was first exposed to Yu Yu Hakusho at a relatively young age when it was airing on Cartoon Network's Toonami block. After just watching one or two episodes, I was hooked. And since then it had definitely become one of my favorite shows. Of course, on Toonami it was heavily edited, but for my child-like brain it didn't pose much of a problem. Honestly, it was probably the only reason my parents continued letting me watch such a violent show. Of course, now that I'm a full blown adult, I only watch the uncut version--much more exciting that way.

300px-YYK_protagonistsRegardless, I love the show even after all these years. All four of the main characters were great, the plot was engaging, and the humor spot on. The dubbing of the show was fabulously done and the script was filled with clever humor and witty sarcasm. At one point in my life I was interested in those super serious shows, but now I much prefer shows with a coherent plot line with plenty of humor spread through it.The show had memorable characters and a fantastic plot. The humor was always on point and the character interactions were top notch. The English dubbing was done incredibly well and I enjoyed the clever jokes and witty sarcasm. All the English voice actors managed to make their voices fit amazingly well with each character, especially Justin Cook as Yusuke.

Anyway, finishing my walk down memory lane, I found out some very interesting information while I was revisiting my childhood show. Apparently, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the TV show a new animated feature will be released sometime this year! I am so excited! Other than the existence of a special, not much else has been released. I have no idea how long it is, what it will be about, or if the original cast members will return (I sincerely hope so!).

Although I know nothing of the special, if I were to guess, it will just be a small update on what the characters have been doing since the end of the series. I know we got one of those already, but this will probably just be a continuation of that. Either that or the main characters will reunite against a new supposed threat in the demon world, but at the end of the special they will realize they were all overreacting and it wasn't really much of a threat. For a heavy action show, there isn't much they can do in a short special (I'm assuming this will be 30 minutes tops). Nevertheless, I am extremely excited to see it when it is released!


The special will be released along with a new Blu-ray collection of the series. I'm sure it will be pretty expensive to buy, but honestly the show is worth having, especially if there's a new special on it. Therefore, as long as I can scrape some money together, I will definitely be adding this to my collection.