Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review! Gravity Falls Series Finale (Part 2--Post-Thoughts)


When I first finished Weirdmeggedon Part 3, I wasn’t sure what to think. I didn't feel satisfied because I felt that there were a bunch of questions unanswered. For example, what was Dipper's real name? What happened to Time Baby? What
Screenshot72a158ahappened to Blendin (and really the rest of the space time guys)? Is there significance that some characters have 4 fingers, some have 5, and Ford has 6 (other than Ford is an anomoly)? I know that Time Baby and Blendin were disinigrated by Bill, but I thought that was kind of a quick anti-climactic ending for them. I figured that they would show up in the last episode and help Dipper and Mabel beat Bill once and for all, but that didn't happen. I was never one of those extremely perceptive viewers who were able to crack all the different codes in the show, and after digging around the internet a bit I saw that some of the questions I thought were unanswered were actually answered in the codes. For example, one of the codes at the end of the episode said (from gravityfalls.wikia.com),

As for Dipper's real name, people say that it was hidden on the tree with all the writing on it at the end. Regardless, after watching the episode these questions (and more) were burning in my head, but after searching around the internet I realized that most of these questions were actually answered in a secret way. I guess in this day and age where the internet makes sharing information so easy it's not a big deal, but I can only imagine if there was no internet (or I decided not to look for it) then I would never find that information.

fightIn the end, I was disappointed that the wheel prophecy that has been flashing on the screen since the beginning of the show didn't really amount to much. I was super excited to see what kind of awesome power it held, but the circle was never quite completed. Though it was really exciting to finally see who corresponded to what on the circle once and for all. Nonetheless, the way that they actually beat Bill Cipher was pretty good, especially the final punch that Stan delivers to Bill.

I also enjoyed the extensive cast that was used in this episode. Pretty much if you saw them in previous maxresdefaultepisodes of the show and they still lived in Gravity Falls, you saw them in this finale. It was funny seeing characters like the wax head that escaped destruction from "Headhunters," Boyz Crazy from "Boyz Crazy," the T-rex from "Land before Swine," and many more. There were also characters that I remember wondering about what happened to them in their episode but not really thinking about it until this episode. An example being Dipper's 3 and 4 from "Double Dipper." Turns out they survived and are living in the woods. Who would've guessed?

It was satisfying to see all the characters, primary and secondary, banding together for a common purpose. I was excited to see Pacifica fighting and Gideon trying to act like a normal kid (the operative word begin trying). The colorful cast from Gravity Falls doesn't disappoint in the farewell ceremony for Dipper and Mabel and I was sad to see them leave. It was nice and heartwarming that Ford and Stan finally got to go on their epic adventure together on the Stan O' War II.


Although I'm sad to see the show go, I'm glad that it ended on it's own terms as opposed to dragging on forever. Dipper and Mabel's summer didn't last forever (like Phineas and Ferb's) and I think that was the better way to go. It was a nice ending to the show and as Wendy (and the rest of Gravity Falls) writes to Dipper and Mabel, I hope they all see each other next summer!



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