Tuesday, September 8, 2015

News! Tangled TV Show

Tangled-Poster-disney-18638629-1012-1500There is going to be a new Disney Channel Original Series based on the Tangled movie!

Personally, I would have liked another movie, but you have to work with what you got. Let's face it, even without seeing the tv show I know that it will not be as good as the movie and it will not have all the elements that made the movie a big hit, but it has the potential to be something halfway decent (maybe).

I have mixed thoughts on this new project of Disney. As most of us know, Disney has made plenty of TV spin-offs from their big box office movies, but  not all of them can be considered a critical sucess. My biggest fear is the way that the show will be animated and my biggest comfort is that much of the original talent will be returning to take part in the show.


Judging from the promotional art, the animation will be in 2D, but that's not been officially announced. If the animation happens to be 2D that won't be much of a shock, because making a series CGI can be really expensive if you want it to look good, and no matter how much work they put into series, it will NOT look like the movie. If they do choose to do it in CGI, my only hope is that it doesn't turn out to look like some other CGI series Disney has made (mainly Sofia the First). Personally, I don't mind Sofia the First, but I just don't think it's possible to make the transition from the gorgously animated Tangled to a Tangled that will look like Sofia the First.

[caption id="attachment_357" align="aligncenter" width="300"]TangledDisneyMain Promotional Art for the new Tangled TV series.[/caption]

Apparently, the original voice actors will return to reprise the roles for Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and Eugene/Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi). In addition to that good news, the composer (Alan Menken) and lyricist (Glenn Slater) from the original film are also returning to compose some new numbers. Not only have they retained quite a bit of the original talent, but they got some really promising new guys, for example, Chris Sonnenburg (Enchanted) will be the supervising director and Shane Prigmore (The Lego Movie) will be the co-executive producer and creative director.

A summary for the TV show from Variety.com:
“Tangled” on Disney Channel is set between the events of the original film and the start of “Tangled Ever After.” The series follows the long-locked Rapunzel (Moore), as she acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona, and realizes there is much more she needs to learn before she can truly accept her royal destiny, causing her to put her crown and put her marriage on hold to seek out epic adventures, much to the dismay of her father, the King. Accompanying Rapunzel on her journey will be the charming bandit Eugene (Levi); the plucky chameleon sidekick, Pascal; the no-nonsense horse, Maximus; the Snuggly Duckling Pub Thugs; and newcomer Cassandra, a tough-as-nails handmaiden, who becomes Rapunzel’s confidant.



Notice how the summary states "the long-locked Rapunzel." I'm really hoping that this is a mistake,because if Rapunzel's hair magically grows back to be long, yellow, and magical I don't think I will be able to suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy the show. And if the show is poorly animated in CGI, I know that I will never get used to the fact that her hair doesn't move (reference Sofia the First).

Again, although I would have prefered another movie, getting a tv show with as much original talent as they have is quite an accomplishment and it gives me more hope that the tv show will actually be okay.

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