Friday, August 28, 2015

News! Candymakers Sequel

f8f1bce8ed4827b6046471e14a59567cThere's going to be a Candymakers 2 book! Yay!

You probably can't guess how excited I was when I found out this little morsel of information on Wendy Mass' (the author) website. I absolutely adored the first book with all the compelling characters. When I finished the first books a part of me was reluctant to leave the characters behind because I just wanted to know more about them, but another part of me was satisfied with the ending knowing that their story was just beginning but it didn't demand a sequel (but we all wouldn't mind one). As a reader, books with endings like that are my favorite because it's a perfect balance between wanting to spend more time with the characters and feeling as if the story is complete and over.



Regardless, Wendy Mass has released a small summary as to what is going to happen. In her own words (from her blog):
The title might change, but the plot will involve Logan, Daisy, Philip and Miles hitting the road in a tricked-out RV to find Logan’s grandfather’s original formula for the Life is Sweet chocolate. Each character will have their own motivation for going on the trip, and will have their own quests along the way.

Apparently, there will also be geocaching, which with these four characters is probably going to be a hoot!

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Minor SPOILER: The Harmonicandy makes an appearance, and Miles comes up with an advertising slogan for it.

The books is set to be released sometime in spring 2016 with the title The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase (the title isn't set in stone yet). I'm super excited and I hope you all are too! 



[caption id="attachment_245" align="alignleft" width="163"]31tQYZnytEL._UX250_ Wendy Mass, the author of The Candymakers and The Candymakers sequel.[/caption]






For more information visit Wendy Mass' website at:



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  1. Thank you for the Candymaker! I have been searching for a good book for my nieces 5th grade and under book club- this will be perfect. It's so hard to find age appropriate, fun loving books. I'm excited to give it to the girls. Great book! Great characters!